maanantai 21. elokuuta 2017

Worker with no experience of life wanting to broaden one's view

It came to my mind that in Asia maybe many work a lot but get no experience of life. There isn't much else in their life than first studies and then working, maybe cooking and reading newspapers and magazines too. So how to start if one has not much experience of life but wants to broaden one's sphere of life? Hobbies are a good start! In them one studies some area of life that one is sincerely interested in and does that in free time ways, kind of finding more room for oneself. Hobbies are typically on a different area of life than work and offer so refreshment and not just things to do. In Finland a typical hobby group meet once a week for some months. That isn't much time away from one's working life, but offers skills for life. It is important to choose a hobby that one finds fine and enjoyable, that one is sincerely interested in and finds refreshing and fascinating. In such one's whole capacity opens to learn new things, to be more alive, to find one's own ways in life and teh real ground for one's skills. It is good to have several hobbies. You can try some and continue after half a year only in those which you enjoy and find fascinating, which bring positive variation to your daily life. First find course advertisements: what can one study, when do courses start,w here and what it costs, do you suit them by your starting skill level, but notice also what other courses you like, etc. Then you have already some idea of the courses. Then you can go to some happenings in which people tell about such areas of life, courses etc. Or at least find brochures of nice fine things, which you can keep as souvenirs, as a future goal for your life and as a subject to talk about, even if you did not manage to go to them in the first try.
One can also go to happenings, for example to music concerts of the types of music that you happen to enjoy. They offer enjoyable variation to working life and a taste of what different areas of life feel like, would one be interested them: sometimes?, as hobbies?, as one's inclination?, as the type of skills to cultivate for one's dream job? About changing to dream job, see my blog . And about getting more free time, see my blog .
If you would like to go to different types of places, ick ones that you like and whose values you admire, so that you are likely to get along and find real treasures from their wisdom and ways. Similarly with new types of peole to get to know, but take care of safety, since all do not like very work style people hanging around.

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